Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is a frequently encountered phrase these days, as managers strive to Improve factory performance. The trouble is that all too often the real meaning is lost. Instead a casual observer might interpret the activities at the factory as evidence of an intensive effort to improve supplier management.

Good supplier management, while praiseworthy, does not constitute good supply chain management without a concrete effort to manage the rest of the aspects of delivering products to customers Supply Chain Management will enable a manufacturing operation to better Manage the supply chain, ultimately improving customer satisfaction levels while reducing overall costs. Other factors which have contributed to a renewed focus, namely

• More instances of multisite manufacturing where several independent Entities are involved in the production and delivery processes
• Increasingly cut throat marketing channels, such as independent computer Dealers
• Maturation of world economy, with heightening demand for “local” products
• Competitive pressures to provide exceptional customer service, including quick, reliable delivery

Main functions of supply chain management are,

# Inventory Management
# Distribution Management
# Channel Management
# Payment Management
# Financial Management
# Supplier Management
# Transportation Management
# Customer Service Management

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